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Taking It Off... – Week 1

I made it through the first week! More than that, I absolutely smashed the first week! I recorded a loss of 5.7 kilos!

You may remember that last week I said I’d already lost 50 kilos? Well, the truth is I was only ever hovering around that 50 kilo mark and had been hovering for the best part of the last two months. I’d hit it one week then put on weight the next, lose it again and put it on again. It was a “two steps forward, one step back” situation. That’s one of the main reasons I decided to take on this 8 week challenge. I really wanted to kick-start my weight loss again in the new year. Not a resolution, just a commitment to go harder and faster this year so that I could keep progressing toward my goal.

A 5.7 kilo loss might seem massive and I guess on the face of it, it is. I’m proud that I lost that weight, but not really surprised. This program, which is the most comprehensive, detailed and user friendly I’ve ever seen has basically seen me half my calorie intake and double my training efforts. Add to that a renewed motivation and level of discipline I didn’t think I possessed. Even Renee, my personal trainer, says she’s noticed the obvious increase in commitment and determination. And I guess that’s it! I’m determined and motivated to make this work.

I talked last week about how I’m basically happy with my life at the moment and had made the decision when I moved to Coffs Harbour to turn my life around completely. Apart from the odd occasion when I feel a bit lonely and isolated up here (thankfully I have some good friends who are always at the end of a phone or email/tweet to remind me why I’m doing all of this), I genuinely am truly happy. I’ve set myself some very clear-cut career and life goals and they’re both well and truly on track. That really is the only motivation I need to make it all happen.

I mentioned last week that I was concerned about the low calorie intake. I have to say I’ve been very pleasantly surprised at how good the food is and how satisfying it is. I haven’t been hungry at all. The training is tough!-intense, specific and balanced. I’ve been very sore some mornings but getting through it OK. I’ve even thrown in a few extra workouts off my own bat and I absolutely love the endorphin rush!

Here’s hoping I can achieve similar numbers next week!


Taking It Off... Another Challenge

Today I embark upon an eight week weight loss challenge, the details of which I’ll get into a little later.

To give you a bit of background, at the end of 2009, I was made redundant from a job that I really hated, but desperately needed. I had little in the way of assets and even less in the way of assets. At 36 years of age, I did however have a wealth of life experience gained from varied careers and a realization that I was getting too old for another false start. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed parts of my jobs but was never truly happy or satisfied - neither with my life in general nor my career choices. Now was the time to finally pursue the career that I really wanted. The one I was going to be good at but more importantly one that was going to make me happy. So with a little encouragement from a couple mates, I bit the bullet and submitted an application to The Australian Film Television and Radio School to study a Graduate Diploma in Radio Broadcasting. To my surprise I was accepted on the first attempt and the rest as they say is history.

Shortly after graduating I started working as the afternoons announcer for 2HC, the Super Radio Network station in Coffs Harbour. I viewed this as a new beginning. It was a chance to make a fresh start and turn my life around in a new industry and in a new town. The adjustment to life away from Sydney was difficult but I was doing a job that I loved and for the first time in my adult life I felt truly happy –with one exception. I wasn’t happy about my weight. I had always been overweight but found myself in the worst physical condition of my life. I made the decision that the beginning of my radio career would be the catalyst for finally getting into shape.

In April of 2010, I engaged the services of a personal trainer – Renee Atkins from Beachbodies Health Club – and went about embarking upon a weight loss program. The goals that Renee helped me set were ambitious but necessary. I needed to lose 100 kilograms. The way we were going to do this (and I say we as Renee’s involvement and support was and is crucial) was simple. We were going to do it with diet and exercise. I train with Renee three to four times per week and try to exercise on my own at least three additional days. No magic potions – no miraculous secret program. It’s tough, but I’m really enjoying it. I’ve drastically changed my eating habits albeit with the odd relapse and of course the Christmas period. So far I’ve lost 50 kilos. I’m half way there. It’s an achievement of which I’m quite proud. BUT…I still have a long way to go - which brings me to the eight week challenge I mentioned at the beginning of this post.

My job brings me into contact with a lot of interesting people. One of those people was Shannan Ponton, one of the trainers from The Biggest Loser program. I interviewed Shannan last week ahead of tonight’s first episode of the seventh season of the show, but we primarily spoke about an eight week online program that he had put together to help people lose weight at home using some of the techniques and activities that contestants on the high rating television program use.

I had spoken to Shannan prior to going to air about my own weight loss journey and mentioned that I had come to the realization that in order to lose the next 50 kilos, I had to really ramp up my efforts. He kindly offered to include me in his program “Shannan Ponton’s Best Body Challenge”. I have to say as someone who has tried, often successfully, to lose weight before it was one of the most comprehensive programs I have ever seen. It’s a detailed training program and diet regime that includes everything from recipes to calorie counts to instructions on how to carry out certain exercises. In addition to this, it includes access to an online community and support network to keep participants on track.

Shannan, Renee and I have all agreed to work on this together and provide regular updates to my listeners as an additional level of accountability. If I “slack off” not only will I have two accomplished fitness professionals breathing down my neck, but I’ll also have to answer to my radio audience. I’ll also be blogging every Monday so you’ll also be a party to all of his. I won’t be able to hide.

The program is going to be tough. I’ll be training six days per week and only consuming 1200 calories per day. To put that in perspective, I’ve lost 50 kilos by consuming nearly double that.  I’ll also be posting progress photos on a regular basis. That’s going to be even tougher.  My goal is to lose half of the remaining 50 kilos that I need to lose. 25 kilos in eight weeks - wish me luck!



So the most boring election campaign in history turned out to be quite intriguing after all – albeit for all the wrong reasons. Let’s examine a few facts that have put us in this situation and how we’ve been hung out to dry by our own democratic system. Then remember that ours is probably the best system in existence at the moment. That’s not to say it couldn’t be better, but it’s better than most other systems in play at the moment.


  • Over 80% of Australians voted for one of the major parties.
  • The Coalition looks set to finish with one more seat in the lower house than Labor.
  • Three or four independents look set to hold the balance of power in the House of Representatives – all from electorates that are anything but representative of mainstream Australia.
  • Only around 10% of Australians voted for the Greens in the lower house.
  • Almost 89% of voters voted against the Greens in The Senate, yet they are set to hold the balance of power.
  • If we are forced to go to another election, it will only be for the lower house and the Greens will still hold the balance of power in The Senate.
  • With 150 seats in the House of Representatives, even without independent or minor party members, the possibility of a hung parliament still exists. I.e. Both major parties end up with 75 seats each.

I very rarely change the party for which I vote and that’s because on the balance of probabilities, I believe one of the major parties gets more policy right than the other. There are single issues on which I disagree with my party of choice, but it would be selfish of me to hold the country to ransom on either a single issue or even a hand-full of issues. A protest vote is selfish. It says “this issue is important to me and the rest of Australia can deal with my petulance”. A vote for a minor party doesn’t “keep the bastards honest” it just potentially makes us beholden to a small group of bastards as we are seeing now. The real test of your patriotism and sense of fairness is about to come. We will inevitably be going back to the polls shortly because a minority government of the kind we are about to get is clearly unworkable. Will you vote differently next time? More importantly, when the subsequent, but equally inevitable double dissolution election comes, because the Greens have held the country to ransom over some piece of legislation, will you stand up for Australia and tell Bob Brown to crawl back under his rock?