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When we should march as one

Recently conducted Federal government-commissioned research suggesting that commemorating the centenary of Anzac Day may be divisive in light of our “multicultural” society, poses more questions than it answers.

Who exactly came up with the idea of spending $370,000 of our money on a focus group into this subject? Who made up the focus group? Why, do the intellectually deficient subjects of this focus group, believe that remembering our fallen might offend anybody? How many of the recent immigrants that will supposedly be offended by our commemorations were polled?

The answer is, it doesn’t really matter because the glaringly obvious result of this so-called research is emphatic proof that the concept of multiculturalism has failed, as it should have. The very notion that we as a society should make constant adjustments for every individual who decides to avail themselves of our hospitality whilst being ever so reluctant to insist that they make allowances for the prevailing culture, is ludicrous.

The hand-wringers of the left will label such comments as racist. They’ll howl about inclusion. They’ll probably even deny the existence of any uniquely Australian culture. And they’ll be wrong. Rejecting multiculturalism doesn’t and never has meant that you can’t eat Chinese food or watch intellectually arrogant French cinema. The problem is that we’ve been sold a pup. We’ve been fooled by a sleight of hand that conned us into believing that a vibrant, diverse, cosmopolitan yet unified culture was a bad thing and that multiculturalism - that is creating a series of ethnic and cultural silos at the expense of an all-inclusive Australian identity was the way to go. We’ve also been harangued into believing that any attempt to question this policy is racist or xenophobic. We’ve been told that every ethnic group who sets foot on our golden sands doesn’t have to integrate into Australian society - instead they can make their own arrangements.

The irony of this recent insult is that the very men and women whose memory we commend on ANZAC Day fought and died on foreign soil protecting the very same cultural entitlements for the inhabitants of far-away lands, that we are now told we shouldn’t have.

This April 25th, I will rise before the sun and honour all who gave some and those who gave all in the service of this great country. And I don’t care who it offends, because those that we celebrate on ANZAC Day deserve at least that.

They went with songs to the battle, they were young.
Straight of limb, true of eyes, steady and aglow.
They were staunch to the end against odds uncounted,
They fell with their faces to the foe.
They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning,
We will remember them.

Lest we forget.


Taking It Off... The Result!

For the past eight weeks I’ve taken you with me on the most recent phase of my weight loss journey as I took on The Biggest Loser Club’s Shannan Ponton 8 Week Challenge. Well, I’ve completed the challenge and the results are in. The following figures comprise, weight, body composition and measurements.


Total weight lost:                                20.8 kg

Total percentage weight lost:             12.35%

Average weight loss per week:             2.6 kg

Total body fat loss:                              11.3 kg

Percentage of body fat lost:                    2.2%

Total active tissue mass lost:                 6.6 kg

Total centimetres lost:                            88 cm





Taking It Off... โ€“ Week 8

I did it! Or should I say we did it? Eight weeks gone and I’ve finally finished the Shannan Ponton 8 Week Challenge and the result is phenomenal. I won’t say the journey is over because it isn’t. I’ve still got a long way to go.

The journey began a year ago when I finally made the decision that I had to do something about my physical condition. The decision was easy. The required action was hard. I began training with Renee Atkins at Beachbodies Health Club after a chance meeting one night and when I look back at some of my early training sessions, I’m amazed I ever made it this far. In fact I’m surprised Renee had the patience to put up with me. There was a lot of “I can’ts”. I remember feeling like I was going to die the first time I lumbered up the Collingwood Street hill. I’m now conquering Muttonbird Island quite easily and often use it as a warm up exercise before getting stuck into real training. The “I can’ts” have been replaced by “let’s give it a go”. The bottom line is that if “I can” then so can you.

There’s a number of people I need to thank for helping me immensely on this journey. Firstly, I couldn’t have done any of this without Renee from Beachbodies – I owe her a lot and can’t recommend her enough as a trainer. I also have to thank exercise physiologist Chris Cherry who has carried out some invaluable testing for me, measuring my fat and muscle content. I would recommend that anyone embarking on a fitness program engage someone like Chris, so that you can accurately gauge your results. I’d also like to thank a good friend of mine Meghan Hinchey, who is also a fitness trainer and has provided a lot of advice and encouragement along the way. Of course I have to thank Shannan who provided me with the kick-start I needed to take it to the next level. Most of all I’d like to thank all of you for keeping me accountable throughout this part of the journey.

So, I guess you want to hear the result? Well, I’ve lost 21 kilos in the last 8 weeks, 70 kilos overall and my body-fat has dropped by nearly 20 kilos. I can’t begin to tell you the sense of achievement I feel now. So much so that I’ve readjusted my goal and am now aiming to lose another 40 kilos. I’m really looking forward to the next phase of the journey. So what are you waiting for?

If you're in the Coffs Coast area and you're looking to embark on your own fitness journey, contact Renee Atkins at Beachbodies Health Club on 02 6652 1428 or and Chris Cherry Exercise Physiologist on 02 6653 3806 or


Taking It Off... โ€“ Week 7

Well, I’m almost there! Only one week to go on the Shannan Ponton 8 Week Weight Loss Challenge and let me tell you the second last week was tough. I’ve told you about my dodgy knees before and last week they were really playing up. This forced me to train at a lower intensity than I would have liked but the good news is, it didn’t stop me. I still burned the calories, I still put in the extra effort and I still stuck to the diet plan. It’s become a habit now – a good habit.

The lower intensity meant that I only recorded a loss of 1.6 kilograms, but it’s still a step in the right direction and so far I’ve lost a total of 18.9 kilos and 84 centimetres since starting the challenge 7 weeks ago. I’m going to fall short of my original goal of 25 kilos, but I can’t say I’m disappointed. Not in the slightest! I’ve learned so much about myself on this journey and can now do things physically that I never thought possible. I even bought a pair of pants this week that are a size I haven’t been able to fit into since I was in my twenties!

The important lesson I learned this week is that I can’t afford to become complacent. This will end up being a life long journey that will change as I get older and fitter. I’ve already started planning for the next stage of my weight loss journey and am looking forward to changing things up a bit. My progress has surprised me so much that I’ve adjusted my goal weight down by another 11 kilos!

There’s one thing I haven’t planned for yet – what am I going to write about once the challenge is over?


Taking It Off... โ€“ Week 6

Only two weeks to go now on the Shannan Ponton 8 Week Challenge. We’re on the home stretch and I can’t begin to tell you how important it has been to have you along for the ride, constantly inspiring me and encouraging me to keep going. The number of people who have taken the time to stop for a chat in the street and talk about my progress has been overwhelming and quite touching.

I’ve said many times throughout the challenge, this has been a major learning experience for me. Not only from the perspective of acquiring knowledge about health and fitness but also from a point of self-discovery and personal growth. This past week was no different.

I mentioned that I had started karate classes again for the first time in many years and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. This week my martial arts club entered its first tournament. We placed fifth overall, competing against much larger clubs with a lot more experience, so not bad. Unfortunately I didn’t compete – and I’m disappointed with myself. Why? Because after watching my teammates give it a go, I was left wondering “what if?” I’m almost certain that I would have walked away with a few trophies had I “given it a go”

The problem with being overweight is that it attacks your confidence and makes you settle for less. There’s been a lot of debate in the media of late about whether or not overweight people are truly happy. I’ve discussed before how this is the only part of my life that I’m not happy with and also how that is changing on a daily basis. I’m challenging myself physically every day. I’m attempting and achieving things I never thought possible, which leads me to the conclusion that we often settle for less - less than our capabilities and less than our dreams and desires. We try to convince ourselves that what we’ve got is enough and use this as an excuse to deflect self-criticism and an excuse not to strive for more. I for one won’t be settling for less anymore. Not ever.

I lost 3 kilograms this week bringing me to a total loss of 17.3 kilograms since I started the challenge. The physical benefits are just the tip of the iceberg, so don’t just sit there and watch. Don’t settle. Give it a go, and if you don’t make it this time, make a note of how much better you did than you thought you would.