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Taking It Off... – Week 6

Only two weeks to go now on the Shannan Ponton 8 Week Challenge. We’re on the home stretch and I can’t begin to tell you how important it has been to have you along for the ride, constantly inspiring me and encouraging me to keep going. The number of people who have taken the time to stop for a chat in the street and talk about my progress has been overwhelming and quite touching.

I’ve said many times throughout the challenge, this has been a major learning experience for me. Not only from the perspective of acquiring knowledge about health and fitness but also from a point of self-discovery and personal growth. This past week was no different.

I mentioned that I had started karate classes again for the first time in many years and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. This week my martial arts club entered its first tournament. We placed fifth overall, competing against much larger clubs with a lot more experience, so not bad. Unfortunately I didn’t compete – and I’m disappointed with myself. Why? Because after watching my teammates give it a go, I was left wondering “what if?” I’m almost certain that I would have walked away with a few trophies had I “given it a go”

The problem with being overweight is that it attacks your confidence and makes you settle for less. There’s been a lot of debate in the media of late about whether or not overweight people are truly happy. I’ve discussed before how this is the only part of my life that I’m not happy with and also how that is changing on a daily basis. I’m challenging myself physically every day. I’m attempting and achieving things I never thought possible, which leads me to the conclusion that we often settle for less - less than our capabilities and less than our dreams and desires. We try to convince ourselves that what we’ve got is enough and use this as an excuse to deflect self-criticism and an excuse not to strive for more. I for one won’t be settling for less anymore. Not ever.

I lost 3 kilograms this week bringing me to a total loss of 17.3 kilograms since I started the challenge. The physical benefits are just the tip of the iceberg, so don’t just sit there and watch. Don’t settle. Give it a go, and if you don’t make it this time, make a note of how much better you did than you thought you would.

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