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Taking It Off... – Week 5

Well I made it through Week 5 of Shannan Ponton’s 8 week Biggest Loser Club challenge, or as Shannan called it, “The Grind”. As I’ve already discussed, week four was tough for me and it reflected in my results. “The Grind Week” was relatively easy for me. I think it’s because my mental toughness has increased more than my physical fitness. I’ve developed a sharp focus of my goals and motivations and can now see the light at the end of the tunnel. My competitive nature has compelled me to compete against myself and last week’s 1.1 kilogram loss really spurred me on as did the realization that I need to lift if I’m going to achieve my goal of losing 25 kilos by the end of the challenge.

This week also really clarified my response to both motivation and inspiration and how they can both manifest in different ways. My goals are the same but some of the things that drive me have changed. For instance, I’ve made myself accountable to you and to my listeners throughout the course of this, as I have to both my personal trainer Renee and to Shannan but the thought of having to tell you that I’ve failed, is a powerful motivator. So is the privilege of being able to inspire other people. Many of you have told me that my efforts have spurred you on to make changes in your own lives as have many others on the challenge and fellow members at Beachbodies. That’s a great feeling but also a responsibility and additional point of accountability. So, there’s now more at stake than my own goals.

The bottom line is that this renewed vigour and intensity in training resulted in a 2.3 kilogram loss this week, so I’m well and truly back on track. That equates to a total loss since I started the challenge of 14.3 kilograms and nearly 65 kilos overall. At this rate, I’ll fall short of the 25 kilo goal in three weeks time and that’s all the motivation I need to work even harder to make sure I get there. We’re on the home stretch.

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