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Since the 2010 federal election and the debacle that delivered us minority government, which has without question turned out to be the worst, most ineffective government we’ve ever seen, Kevin Rudd has been painted by certain sections of the media as disloyal. They say he’s a spoiler who has sought to undermine the authority of Julia Gillard and is constantly agitating behind the scenes to once again occupy the top job. But we can’t forget that Kevin Rudd never lost an election, he was knifed by his own party. Politically assassinated and replaced by his own deputy.

Last night, the ABC’s 4 Corners program presented an expose into the coup that claimed a democratically elected Prime Minister and installed Julia Gillard – the pinup girl of the Labor Party’s much talked about faceless men. 4 Corners effectively outlined the failures of Kevin Rudd as a leader, perhaps to legitimize Gillard’s leadership, and seemingly also legitimize Rudd’s axing as PM.

However, in a stark departure from ABC convention that has seen our national broadcaster blindly defend this failed government, 4 Corners allowed the Prime Minister to hang herself. When asked if she’d been showed internal party polling in the week leading up to the coup that suggested she was more popular than Kevin Rudd, she conveniently couldn’t remember. Even more damning was her outright refusal to answer a question about wheher she knew that members of her staff had drafted a victory speech as much as two weeks before Rudd was knifed. She would have us believe that her staff acted independently of her and without her knowledge or imprimatur. There seems to be a lot of that going around her office lately. Just look at the whole Australia Day debacle which saw a junior member of the Prime Minister’s staff sacked.

We all know the Prime Minister has a credibility problem. Lie after lie, broken promise after broken promise and now, a politically suicidal decision to subject herself to an interview on the ABC of all places outlining her disloyalty and inability to treat the electorate with respect, honesty or even common courtesy. Is there any wonder she’s polling so badly? A Newspoll published in today’s Australian for the first time has Tony Abbott polling as preferred Prime Minister and Labor’s two party preferred vote still languishing in the low 30s.

Whilst we might expect our politicians to be loose with the truth, surely we can expect and demand a degree of integrity. What the Prime Minister has demonstrated is that she’s very short on that commodity. Is there really any salvation for her after this? The right thing for her to do is call an election immediately, or indeed resign. Whether or not Kevin Rudd should replace her is a matter for the Labor party, but it’s a bit rich for the party or the Prime Minister to expect any loyalty from him when he was shown none.

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